Metal purity tester PS/X/AU

waga jubilerska PS 200/2000/X/AU

Metal purity tester PS/X/AU series special design of the container and dedicated software, allow for density determination of metals. Application of the method for density determination provides the following options:

  • Determination of carat value of gold,
  • Density determination of platinium,
  • Density determination of other metals.

Thus, the software has the option of distinguishing precious metals from counterfeited by density determination of a sample.

Balances for testing gold may cooperate with a temperature sensor used for measuring liquid temperature.


  • Units of measurement: [g], [mg], [ct], [lb],**, [oz],** [ozt],** [dwt],**
  • Additional units: [K], [cm3], [g/cm3], [oz/gal], [°C], [°F], [%],
  • Autozero function,
  • Adjustable baud rate of data transmission,
  • Continuous data transmission for RS 232 protocol,
  • USB port ,**
  • External socket for computer keyboard PS/2 type,
  • Auto print function for RS 232 protocol,
  • Determination of minimal mass required for a specific function,
  • Automatic tare,
  • Switch- off timer,
  • Backlit display,
  • Tara memory active after device restart,
  • User-defined adjustment procedure.
** - available only in non-verified balances

Working modes :

  • Determination of carat value of pure gold,
  • Determination of carat value of alloyed gold (gold with silver, copper additive etc.),
  • Density determination of platinum,
  • Determination of the essential metal in a tested alloy in percentage terms,
  • Density determination of other metals.
  • Parts counting
  • Checkweighing
  • Filling
  • Percent setup
  • Animal weighing
  • Density determination
  • Formulation
  • Statistics


PS/X/AU series of precision balances feature large graphic backlit display. The housing is made of ABS material.
The balances design incorporates a liquid container with a weighing pan has a form of a dedicated adapter. The construction of the adapter enables weighing of an object in the air and then on the pan immersed in the liquid. The adapter design facilitates easy and quick setup.
Balance PS/X/AU series features a 12 key membrane keyboard , and it comes standard with interfaces USB, RS 232 with slot DB9/M.
The balance is powered from an external adapter 230VAC / 13,8VDC.

Optional liquid temperature sensor:

Balance PS/X/AU series enables cooperating with a liquid temperature sensor TB-2. On assembling the temperature sensor, balance’s software automatically detects its presence and includes the value of measured liquid temperature when calculating carat value of gold, density of metals and in all other calculations.

Parts counting
Animal weighing
Density determination
Percent setup
2 years warranty period
Product folder
User manual
of conformity
Advanced weighing technology in jewellery
Operating method
Technical data: PS 200/2000/X/AU
Max capacity 200/2000 g
Minimum load 1 g
Accuracy of mass reading 0,001/0,01 g
Accuracy of carat value reading 0,01 K
Accuracy of density reading 0,001 g/cm3
Accuracy of volume reading 0,001 cm3
Accuracy of percent content reading 0,01 %
Accuracy of platinum class reading 1 PT (1-1000 PT)
Tare range -2000 g
Repeatability* 1/10 mg
Linearity ±2/10 mg
Stabilization time 2 seconds
Pan size 125×145 mm
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature +15÷+35°C
Working temperature 10 ÷ 40°C
Interface RS232, USB**
Power supply 13,5÷16V DC/2,1A
Display graphic (with backlight)
Packaging size 465×325×380 mm
*   repeatability is expressed as a standard deviation from 10 weighing cycles.
** available only in non-verified balances

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